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I am a Lipedema advocate, influencer, meditation enthusiast, and writer. You’ll find my meditation content under ‘Mind’ and my Lipedema content under ‘Lipedema Body.’  

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Brena Jean
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Brena Jean is a fat, Black, queer, lifestyle influencer, writer, and Lipedema advocate. She’s a self-proclaimed “crybaby evangelist” whose life blossomed in front of approximately 10 Million people when a video of her putting on compression went viral on Tik Tok. 


After she was diagnosed with late-stage Lipedema at 37 years old, a common but little-known fat disorder, Brena became aware of some of the ways she’d been bound by her own anti-fat bias, ableism, internalized White supremacy, and allegiance to capitalism. “I wanted to tell my story but I had to accept that it isn’t finished yet and I’m accountable for some of the ways I’ve been harmed by these values because I uphold them. I had and still have a lot of work to do. We all do. These values harm all of us.”


Today, Brena Jean has curated a community of co-collaborators in the undoing of shame, the uplifting of the human spirit, and using rage, often turned in on ourselves to fuel our individual inner transformations. “All of my content is an experimental behind-the-scenes look into my journey of self acceptance, self-advocacy, and living out individual values that I hope will transform the world.” 


Her followers fell for her authenticity, vulnerability, social awareness, style, voice and smile. “I’m not a ‘fashionista’, I’m fighting for my best life and I wear a uniform. I become what I feel and I use fashion to invoke what I need to face what I have to face. People seem to like my uniform a lot.”


Brena Jean’s mission is to increase early detection of Lipedema, call us into harm reduction in relationship with ourselves and our communities, and uplift sensitivity, intuition, and vulnerability. 


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