Leo North Node & MIDHEAVEN

I Told My Lipedema Story

Lipedema is a painful, genetic ,progressive, connective tissue disorder that damages the lymphatic system, leading to chronic inflammation, a build up of non-metabolic mass that changes the shape and size of the body and leads to pain and mobility issues. While the condition occurs in 1 in 9 women and people assigned female at birth, many doctors and patients are unfamiliar with the disorder leaving people with Lipedema grossly misdiagnosed.  I was diagnosed at 38 years old. 

I decided to follow the North Node of my natal chart, which is in Leo in the 10th house of my career. I centered myself, my story, and my voice to inspire others and I stepped out on stage to share it all. I have since gone viral several times, byway of several modalities and  been interviewed by popular magazines and podcasts and hired as a paid speaker and storyteller. 


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mars in gemini + lilith in the first house

The "Secret" Astrology Enthusiast

I’ve been reading tarot cards and interpreting  natal charts for over 2 decades now and over the last 4 years built a Tarot business based on referrals. It’s time that I bring this side of my life in the light and to the stage alongside my Lipedema story. 

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