Navigating Lipedema is one of the most difficult journey’s I’ve taken on in my lifetime. Gross under-diagnosis and fat bias support the institutional barriers to treatment. I’m determined to do the impossible and I refuse to compromise self-love, self-care, and support in exchange for it.

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Brena Jean
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Hey there! I’m Brena Jean

I’m a plus-size blogger and aspiring writer/speaker that discovered that I’ve had a rarely-diagnosed fat disorder called Lipedema since I was a child. Lipedema is a painful genetic disorder that causes a person to grow large and heavy legs and arms.


There is no cure for Lipedema, but I’ve decided to pursue having it surgically removed as it’s taken over most of my body. This won’t be easy, considering most medical insurance companies consider the surgical removal of Lipedema to be a cosmetic surgery and will not cover the multiple procedures necessary.


I’m working with doctors, organizations, and advocates to see this through to the end. Follow my journey  by subscribing to my blog!

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